Is there a need for a carpet cleaner??

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5 Home Improvement Projects to tackle in summer

Posted on 10 March 2018 (0)

Summer is usually a great time to focus on your growing list of remodeling ideas on your wish list. At least, every homeowner tends to add a new home improvement idea on their list which means, if the list is not tackled, it can feel almost impossible to handle it. Remember the frost is no longer there and this might be the best time to complete some of your home upgrades. Summer allows contractors to have longer daylight working hours and this might be the time for home maintenance.

So, which remodeling projects can you tackle at this time of the year? That’s a common question homeowners across the country often ask. Here are some of the projects you can tackle during summer.

Pressure Wash

Why not give your home an old fashion power clean to get rid of the built-up dirt? Pressure wash is one of the quickest and most reliable summer home improvement projects you can tackle. It not only helps to remove dirt, debris, and sediments but eliminates algae, mildew, and mold, as well. Summer is the best time to give your home exterior as well as walkways a high-power shower. It’s, however, important to follow guidelines and instructions from the sprayer to avoid causing any damage to your property. Hiring a professional might be the best option as it will ensure your home isn’t damaged and the job is done right.


Summer is the time to set your landscaping up. Your landscaping contributes to your home’s beauty and curb appeal. It’s an important part of your property’s character and can add to the overall value of your residential property. It’s interesting to note that landscaping is one of the least expensive summer home improvement projects you can undertake. Consider hiring a landscape contractor to help with your lawn and courtyard. This is the time to dig into the ground and install irrigation systems and other things that are necessary for your landscape.

Invest in New Windows

If your home has old, worn out windows, summer is the best time to replace energy-efficient windows. You might want to install dual-pane windows as they will help in reducing outside noise, make your residence feel better, and reduce your heating and cooling costs. Installing new windows in summer is simply getting ready for the cold winter weather.

Deck Addition

According to home improvement experts, deck addition can recoup up to seventy-five percent of the total cost of the project when the home is sold. You might want to go for a wood deck since it’s cheaper than materials like steel. The wooden deck is also known to retain its value and considerably increases the overall value of a home.

Roof repair

If you’ve been having frequent roofing problems, summer will be an excellent time to tackle roof repairs. It’s recommended to do this home improvement project when there’s a low chance of rain. It’s also important that you handle the work when there are nice temperatures (early or late summer). Contact a roofing contractor to inspect your roof and fix any significant damage, leaks, loosened shingles, patches, and other issues. If your roof is old with serious damage, replacing the entire roof might be an option to consider.

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